Duchesse of Polignac’s Scandalous Versailles ​

The Sexy Side of Versailles.... write???



Scandalous "libelles" (the 18th century equivalent of our tabloids) have been circulating all throughout the country, accusing the Queen of taking part in all sorts of sexual and political scandals. These libelles forever tarnished her reputation in the eyes of the French people, and ultimately led to her beheading - but what if you could save her reputation, and maybe change her fate? Let the Duchess of Polignac guide you through the sexy side of Versailles with songs and stories, pictures and poetry, until you're finally able to create your own fake scandals to draw attention away from the attacks on the Queen. Will your diversion be enough to save the Queen's reputation? Her fate is in your hands!

Duchesse of Polignac’s Scandalous Versailles ​

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